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12:13am 01-08-2021
other anon
Yeah sorry, wasn't directly asking you, more the other person and why they brought it up. Cheers to the site, in any case.
9:40pm 01-07-2021
Re: /x/, oh, okay. No, I've never been on any of those.
6:17pm 01-07-2021
other anon
Paranormal imageboards that can go off topic. Also anon, 4/x/, 8/x/, etc.?
5:17pm 01-07-2021
Re: /x/, sorry, no idea what that is.
3:50am 01-06-2021
x anon
ay yo is you from /x/?
10:36pm 11-23-2020
A blast from an unseen past. Hard to say anything else, really.
3:17am 03-11-2020
Testing testing testalestadingdongdang.